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LETRIS is a daily game show that combines the intensity and strategy of Scrabble and the excitement and quick pace of Tetris. And all of this in a television studio furnished with the latest technology where three contestants accompanied by a panel of celebrities try to reach the end of the program and decode the secret of Letris, seven letters that can win them a spectacular cash prize.

The stage has a white abstract ocean wave background. At its center there is a screen simulating a big tablet where the game graphics can be seen.

In front of this screen, contestants will try to make it to the final by playing a series of word games where words must be formed with letters that are constantly dropping down.

TV viewers will be able to participate from their homes by downloading Letris-TV, an application for Tablets and SmartPhones that are specifically programmed for the game.

With this application, the audience will have real-time access to the same letter combinations as the contestants in the studio. The names of the TV viewers who are best at the games will appear on the TV screen when the show is aired.

The studio audience, 20 carefully selected individuals who are among the most skilled users of the Letris-TV application, will also play using their own Tablet. They will try to get ahead of the contestants and will sometimes offer them their solutions.

The game starts with 3 contestants and after a series of elimination rounds, one of them will get to the final. If the contestant passes the challenges presented, then he/she will win the show’s grand prize.

Letris ….!

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